Get Out & Enjoy the Good Weather

Don’t let allergy season stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. Use the following tips to make the most of the good weather.

Watch the Pollen Forecast

Websites like or your local TV news, radio, and newspaper weather reports often include allergy forecasts. Use the forecasts to know when the risks are high and plan accordingly.

Clean Up & Dust Off

Keep your home free of allergens by removing your shoes and dusting off before coming in. Taking a quick shower after being outside for a long period of time can also reduce the number of allergens you track into your home.

Plan Ahead

Many allergy medications can be used before the symptoms kick in. By planning ahead of time, you may be able to avoid your allergies altogether.

Talk to Your Pharmacy Team

There are many allergy relief options available. Talk with your Sterling pharmacy team about your symptoms to find the option that fits your needs.