Stay on Track

Are roadblocks stopping you from taking your medications on time, every time? Talk with your Sterling pharmacy team about these (and many more) helpful tips to keep your medications on track:

  • Ask friends and family for help. You are not doing this alone. Ask friends and family to check in to help keep you accountable and on track.
  • Create a calendar or schedule Keep a calendar in a handy place to remind you of your doses, times, and if you should take your medications with food or without.
  • Set reminders. Are you a coffee drinker who needs to take a medication every morning? Place a note near your coffee maker to remind you! Other examples include notes on your toothpaste for a nighttime dose or on the TV remote for your favorite midday television show.
  • Plan your refills ahead of time. With our help, you should never run out of your medication. Check in with our team to see what options you have.
  • Manage the side effects. Many people stop taking their medication because of the side effects they produce. Your pharmacy team may be able to help reduce the side effects or find an alternative medication.